Cats That Can Be Adopted

All cats deserve ‘loving forever homes’.

However, the cats featured here are 'more deserving' as their quality of life is impaired for one reason or another. The reason is detailed in the notes against their repective pictures.

Please contact us through the Turunç Cats Protection Contact page if you would like to offer one of our cats a forever home.

If you live in Europe you can easily adopt one of our cats.
At the present time there is no need for quarantine in Europe for cats providing all the vaccinations, tests and paperwork is in order, which we will be happy to arrange for you.

Yildiz is a young cat, under 18 months old. Yildiz is the Planets mum (Cassandra). She has had stomach problems since she was very ill with Feline Panleukopenia Virus last October. Her stomach settles down when she eats Intestinal food, but no sooner have we weaned her onto normal food, she gets diarrhoea again. Last week Yildiz got diarrhoea and her stomach hasn’t settled. Our vet Mehmet has kept her in for inpatient treatment and to monitor her. Mehmet said it could be genetic but also the Panleukopenia virus could have damaged her intestines. Yildiz may have to be on intestine food for the rest of her life. Poor Yildiz has been in a cage since she came to us last September. We haven’t been able to leave her out of the cage because she would eat the food for the other kitties. Yildiz best option is for someone to give her a loving forever home so that she will have just intestinal food. If we let Yildiz out we cannot be sure what she will eat, or even if she will stay around the cabin so we can feed her seperate from the free range diners

Little Cassandra, like her mum Yildiz, has also suffered with stomach problems. Little Cassandra has been fine for a few weeks and been running around the cabin with Mark and her sisters. However, on Saturday we noticed that Cassandra had diarrhoea again. Mehmet has kept Cassandra in for inpatient treatment. He said it is possible her problem is genetic as well as she seems to have the same or similar problem as her mum. If this is the case little Cassandra will only be able to eat I/D food. And like her mum if she eats other food she will be ill.