Contacting Turunç Cats Protection and Rescue Housing Association

For all messages to the group or the cats, please email to: Turunç Cats Protection and Rescue Housing Association

If you are in Turunç and need to contact us in a hurry our telephone number is 05376077194.
Please note we can not offer medical or veterinary advice as we have no formal training.

When you’ve spotted all my deliberate errors please email the webmaster here: The webmaster

If you just want to leave a record of your visit, please use the guest book provided. (Click on the guestbook below).

Thank you for your visit.

We get quite a few requests as to where the cabin is. Please see the map below.

We welcome visitors to visit the kitties.

As we like our visitors to spend time with our kitties, and we have found the kitties are calmer if the small cabin isn't crowded. We therefore limit visits to one family at a time.

If you would like to visit the cabin and the kitties please make an appointment with me to avoid disappointment as we do have a lot of visitors during the summer.
Generally, the cabin is only manned at cleaning/feeding times twice a day. We try to make appointments for these times when most of the cats appear. However if you're unable to visit at these times we will try to accommodate you at other times. But please be aware that vet runs and emergencies will take precedent over appointments.
Please tell us early in your holiday that you would like to visit the cabin so that alternative dates can be fixed if necessary.

Thank you