Sponsoring a Turunç Cat

Turunç Cats Protection and Rescue Housing Association Sponsor Scheme

By sponsoring one of The Turunç cats you will be contributing not only towards their food but also to their general routine healthcare, such as worming medication and frontline.

The cats chosen for sponsorship are cats that are reasonably friendly and like a little human attention, however, should you wish to sponsor any other of the cats that live around the cabin you are more than welcome to do so.

For £30 a year you will receive:

  • A selection of photo's of your chosen cat. If you are in Turunç we can take a photo of you with the cat you are supporting.
  • A sponsorship certificate.
  • A Turunç Cat key ring with a photo of your cat or a photo with you and your chosen cat. (Due to expense and postal problems from Turkey, these will be given to you when visiting Turunç.)

For that special present why not sponsor a cat for a gift?




If you are interested and would like further details please contact us: turunccatsprotection@gmail.com

Many thanks

Cats available for sponsorship are pictured above.

(Cats that have already been sponsored have a green tick in their thumbnail pic.)

(Cat pictures with a house icon are cats we feed and who tend to live in and around our garden. We see these kitties at least twice a day and anyone who sponsors them are more than welcome to visit them when they come to the cabin.)

(Cat pictures with a red hand symbol indicates a cat that is a bit timid and may not allow strangers to pick them up or to pet them.)