Turunç Cats Stories

The Cats Stories page will feature stories from group members about their experiences in caring for the cats. We also hope to get stories from the cats themselves, letting you know how their lives have been changed through the actions of the group.

Last March 2016 Anita Kelsey an Accredited feline behaviour consultant asked Lea she  would like to comment on some questions on our Trap Neuter and Return (TRN ) programme,  which she was writing for an article in Your Cat magazine about  the street cats of Turkey.
The article was published this month (Feb 2017) and it struck us that  due to all the  kind donations we  receive, we have been able to  increase our feeding stations from ten  to twenty and  we are now providing food to at least 168 kitties.   Thank you for helping us to help  the Turunç kitties xxx . You can download the 'Cats of Turkey' article here.

1) The first story is about an English couple from France befriending and adopting a Turunç cat.

2) This story is from one of the Turunç cats.

3) A story from an English couple befriending some of the cats at a Turunç Hotel.