Wanted by The Turunç Cats

We would like to thank our supporters who make use of the Thomas Cook charity allowance scheme.

We would also like to thank Thomas Cook for making this scheme available to us.

Our requirements are stated below, if you are able to help.

Update on Charity Allowance

Thomas Cook said they are giving free charity allowance of 5 Kgs per person to Registered Charities like us.

Thomas Cook require a written request from the charity chairperson - Lea Butt - providing them with the name(s) of the passengers, their Booking reference number and our charity number so that they can allocate the charity luggage allowance to your booking.

Please contact Lea here, sending the required info. Thanks.

Thomas Cook State on their website that:

Due to the ever increasing cost of aviation fuel, we limit the amount of charity baggage carried on our aircraft and once the limit is reached we will be unable to facilitate any further free charity allowance requests. All charity baggage must be pre-booked in advance and packed in a separate bag and labelled as charity baggage. On rare occasions we may refuse the carriage of charity baggage for operation reasons.

Thank you.
Lea xx

We would like to say a big Thank You to all those people that have used the Thomas Cook charity allowance service to the benefit of Turunç Cats.